Friday, February 24, 2017

The real Russian Bear has left the building.

Ivan Korloff has passed away today. May God embrace him with a bear hug of his own.

It was his work after leaving the ring that is the most inspirational.

As for this poor imitation, I will continue to act as Momma Fargo's heel whenever the script calls for another debate.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Pics or It Didn't Happen

As requested, here are some pictures. (Of course, I made it in to an excuse to go to the range again.) You can find many pictures on the internet, or videos, of a 627-5. Here is one more.

There are many like it, but this one is mine.

The picture got a little blurry, both the revolver and I were more interested in shooting than posing.

21ft - Single Action - Had a flyer off in the 9 ring.
21ft - Double Action - Kept 'em all on the sticker.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Wheel Gun Love

I recently helped a co-worker buy his first gun.  He never thought he would feel the need to own a handgun, but has become increasingly concerned about his and his daughter's safety.  I advised him to do a lot of window shopping and research.  Go to gun shops, hold the different pistols, find one that fits your hand and points naturally for you.

Part of the shopping was a day at the range to try the different options and see which one he liked best.  The local range requires that a second person be with you when renting a hand gun.  I got to be that second person.

One of the choices he was considering was a small .38 J-frame 5 shot revolver with some Crimson Trace grips.  I tried it and fell in love.  I don't know if it was the mechanics of loading the cylinder or the feeling of the un-burned powder hitting me in the face, but something about shooting it put a smile on my face.

He decided on buying a sub-compact 9mm from me.  I now had an empty spot in the gun safe and burning desire to fill it with some type of revolver.

Up till now, every gun purchase has had some serious reason behind it.  Either as a hunting rifle, a teaching tool, or defensive purpose.  Now I was shopping for a revolver for purely recreational use.

I decided on a S&W Performance Center 627-5.  An N frame, 8 shot, .357 mag revolver.  I can not defend this purchase as a practical one.  Two big and heavy for a conceal carry gun, and while .357 could be used as a hunting pistol, a .44 mag would be a better choice.

Brought it home two weeks ago, and was able to get to the range with it for the first time today.

I am still smiling.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Without A Voice

1) Republicans complained that they only had one of the three levers of power in Washington.

2) They won a a majority in both the House and Senate last November.

3) They have the numbers, but not the will to lead. A minority of the majority party voted with the entirety of the minority party to fund DHS.

Michigan has fourteen Representatives in the House.

Nine of those fourteen are Republican.

Six of those nine voted to fund "Amnesty."

  • Dan Benishek, District 1, 202-225-4735
  • Mike Bishop, District 8, 202-225-4872
  • Candice Miller, District 10, 202-225-2106
  • John Moolenar, District 4, 202-225-3561
  • Dave Trott, District 11, 202-225-8171
  • Fred Upton, District 6, 202-225-3761

I voted for one of these.

I would like to remove the candidate I helped put into office as failure should have consequences, unfortunately there is no recall mechanism to remove a member of Congress.

I am left without a voice.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Ammunition Storage - Re-usable Indicating Silica Gel Canisters

Ammunition needs to be kept dry.  Sealed containers are start.  Adding silica gel packs to absorb any extra moisture inside is even better.

When I first started my stockpile collection, I dropped 10g packets into each ammo can.  As I'm rotating through the hoard sensible supply, I'm finding that the packets are now indicating 60% saturated.  I've decided to add date labels with a piece of painters tape to reduce my opening and closing. (They are already labeled by caliber.) has a nice selection of non-carcinogenic indicating gel packets. The 10g packets that are perfect for a .50cal ammo can~(approx 1200 in^3), are packaged in plastic baggies that will melt in the oven when trying to dry 'em out.  They also sell the stuff in bulk.

I have some cigar tins lying around that are perfect for the gun cabinet, but a little bulky for the ammo cans. So enter the google-fu and I found some aluminum lip-balm containers on that look to be the right size. A little tinsmithing with a finish nail on the tops, and voila==> small re-usable, indicating silica gel canisters.

3 hours @ 300F when the orange turns green and you're good to go.

For a relatively small investment <$50,  I have 50 packets that can be reused.  (I'm also reclaiming the beads from all the plastic baggies to re-use in the cigar tins.) do you keep your powder dry?

And do you practice any specific inventory management scheme when heading to the range or storing new purchases?  FIFO, LIFO, WIHOH.

(FIFO = First In, First Out)
(LIFO = Last In, First Out)
(WIHOH= Whatever I Have On Hand)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

So, This Happened.

One of my sons is involved in the Civilian Air Patrol.

He forwarded this e-mail from the Commander.

From: <redacted>
Date: Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 8:12 AM
Subject: Military Ball Gate Access - Response Required

Good Morning,

While I appreciate, on a personal level, the fact that you have answered the race question as "Human," this response on the form that we have to give to Base Security will result in you being denied access to the base.  Please respond to this email with the typical answer to the question regarding your racial background, beyond the designation of Homo sapiens.


<redacted>, <redacted>, CAP
Commander, <redacted>

I've withheld the names and ranks for the sake of privacy.

1) I'm proud that my son has the balls to answer the race question this way.  We are either a color-blind society or we ain't.  I wish more people would call it out when presented with a demand to declare their race.

2) I'm disappointed that humans are not allowed on base. ;-)

I wonder if there would have been any fuss if he had put Aryan on the form.

All in all, this made my day.