Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Election Day

Benny Napoleon is running for Mayor of Detroit.  He is making the case that until Detroit has a "Law and Order" mayor, a mayor who understands public safety, Detroit will continue to have lots of murders.  Benny is the former police chief for Detroit PD and Wayne County Sheriff.

I can't believe that Benny can say such symbolically racist things as a political candidate.
Benny Napoleon:  Symbolic Racist
I agree that public safety should be important to Detroit citizens.

I guess that makes me a symbolic racist too.

UPDATE:   I've been informed that since Benny has some melanin, he is incapable of being racist, symbolically or otherwise.  Only those without significant levels of melanin can be racist.  How this theory isn't racist itself, has yet to be explained.

UPDATE II:  Mike Duggan has won the mayoral race.  Good luck, Mike.  Hopefully you can help turn around Detroit.

UPDATE III:  Mike Duggan stated that his first priority is reducing response times for emergency calls.  Well Benny,  it seems like Mr. Duggan has the right idea.  Response times for priority one calls is now averaging 11 minutes.  Let's see what happens in six months.


  1. LOL. Man, you used the race word. Boy are you going to be under fire now. Except it all makes sense. I always thought you would be a man portrayed as Switzerland...only the right side of it. :) I'm not sure, but I think Detroit needs an overhaul of all sorts. Don't care what race, but I think they need an outsider and a business man who understands the IMPORTANCE of law enforcement.

    1. Agreed...I just find it hilarious that the very idea of better law enforcement is considered inherently racist by the intellectually elite.