Monday, September 15, 2014

Fishing 2014

This year's fishing trip was different.  My boss offered to pay for a charter for me and my fishing buddies.  It wasn't the quiet reflective time, I;ve come to expect during my annual salmon trip.  This was working a small commercial fishing boat.

The challenge here wasn't finding and fighting the fish itself, it was trying to stay on your feet in the rolling chop.  For a shore fisherman, finding my sea legs wasn't going to happen.

On my turns, I went straight to the deck and fought the fish from my knees.

After six hours we had eight fish.  A mixed catch of king salmon, steelhead and an elusive brown trout.  We had at least one coho that got away. Not a bad day for this time of year.  No trophies here, but a lot of good eats.

Fishing Trip 2014 - Raptor Charters Ludington MI
Caption Glen Buehner took us out on his boat Raptor.   We didn't do a "north troll" as that would have been too rough for the crew.  If you're brave enough, tell him you want to fish for the limit and comfort is secondary.

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  1. Oh heck. All these days, I have missed this post. I found the problem. I was clicking on the same link which only went to your old post of your dad on the buggy. SMH. I need to go back to computer school. That is quite the catch up there and looks like a lot of fun.