Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to Host a Flag Burning

1) Be sure to dress stylishly.

2) Invite some hose draggers to get the flames going.  They like to spark things up every once in a while.

3) Once the initial smoke clears, bring in the Knights and Color Guard.
 4) If the timing is right, the moon will make an appearance.

 5) Bring down the old flag.
 6) Hoist the new.

 7) A moment of silence for those who have served and are in service now.

 8) Sing God Bless America, then fire three volleys.

 9) Signal the bugler to play Taps.   Pretend the water on your cheek is from the smoke.

10) Let the hose draggers get serious about the burning.

11)  Head inside for hot dogs, cherry pie and some apple crumb tart.

And that's how you burn a flag.

Special thanks to the Vietnam Veterans Color Guard and the Selfridge ANGB fire crew.

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