Sunday, September 15, 2013

The New York Trigger

Reading over at AceOfSpades, found this post by Andy.

Meanwhile, In New York City ...... where it's difficult for anyone but law enforcement to get a gun permit and civil rights have been wantonly violated under "stop & frisk", the NYPD continues to blaze away at unarmed suspects but only manages to hit innocent bystandersThere's a pattern here.
Perhaps Ray Kelly and Mike Bloomberg could focus less on taking my guns from me and more on teaching their employees what to do with their own.
In the excerpt above, Andy links to two articles where NYPD shoot a lot of bystanders.

Andy hints that maybe NYPD needs more training.  That may be true.  NY is not considered a gun culture type of city.  I place the blame on the re-donku-lus 10-12lb trigger pulls mandated for "Safety".  With firearms, my opinion is that everyone is safer when lead hits its intended target.

 From personal experience when racing with my pistol, I tend to miss 8" plates with my first double-action shot.  Follow up shots are single-action and hit the mark.  Having a 10-12lb trigger pull in a DOA pistol in a stress situation just makes it more dangerous for everybody.

When bullseye competitors start winning with New York triggers, I might change my opinion.

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  1. Well, had they left all those old corrupt veterans in place and not cleaned house, you would have none of that there. :) It is a mess, I agree.