Monday, October 28, 2013

Ammunition Supply Chain

Ammunition prices have dropped from last December's panic.  .223/556 was selling for over $1  a round at the peak.  Today, 1000 round bulk quantities can be had for 30 cents a round.  Granted it's steelcased ammo that has been imported, but it is available.

For a slightly higher price, 0.38 cents a round, you can get re-loaded rounds in brass.  Again this isn't pre-panic prices, but they have been stable at this level for about 4 months.

News from last Friday, regarding the Doe Run company closing their lead smelting operation in December will change that.

Those that cast their own, have had difficulty getting lead from other sources.  Two years ago, you could visit any tire store and get their discarded wheel weights.  Panic pricing on new ammo led many to reload, putting more pressure on the secondary market.  This increased pressure from the secondary market, coupled with the closure of the Herculaneum, MO smelter can only increase the price of lead.

What a country.  We've allowed ourselves to become dependent on others for energy, now we're allowing ourselves to become dependent on others for our bullets.

How long will those others accept our currency as payment as we continue to devalue it?

What happens when they don't?

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