Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Won The Amish!

The Where is Fargo contest is over.  I lost to Fire Pup, but was awarded a prize for my effort.  Fire Pup chose Fargo.  I got the Amish.

It is an appropriate prize, given my family.

The Doc Rambler Mock Up
Yeah...that's my dad and my youngest son.  My dad looks Amish and there's a reason for that.  He's actually written a book about it.  He's working on a sequel. I'll be sure to let you know when it's ready.

Details and glorious pictures of the Amish prize soon!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thoughts on Syria

The following is rambling and disjointed.  You've been warned.

Our Nobel Peace Prize winning President is impatient to act against Syria.  That's a summary of the news I heard driving to work this morning.  We have our Navy ready to strike, and the Commander in Chief is impatient waiting for Congress to act.

Why?  Osama Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.  Surely this little disagreement in Syria is no cause for alarm.

Oh...Chemical weapons you say?  Is that a reason to go to war?  I remember a certain president making that same case.  And he wasn't named Bush.

William J Clinton bombed Sudan.  I guess Barry Soetoro can bomb Syria without Congressional approval.  I'm sure the watchdog media will hold him accountable.

Okay...enough sarcasm.

I understand that with Saddam and Iraq, the United States had a moral culpability for his actions.  We helped put the guy in charge, he was a bad actor.  We gave him an ultimatum, he declined to go peacefully; we changed his regime.

Captain Tightpants had this post last November.

"To be there, knowing that the world and rules you had lived by were being swept away, and unable to do much more than watch and hope to tread water through it all. To be faced daily with more and more changes, and wondering when the storm would end."
We do have a national interest in what happens in Syria with respect to the defense of Israel and preventing a safe haven for terrorists.  So what is our strategy?  Install another Saddam type leader?

Right now the US has very little credibility and we are deemed weak.  Our CIC doesn't really care about the rules.  And that is scary.

I just finished reading this book.  With Iran using Syria as a proxy, what are the chances of  the Iranians using an EMP to keep us out of it?  Does Iran have the capability? I don't doubt they have the will.

We are in a Holy War, but our side refuses to call it that.

Christians are being martyred in Egypt, and our media is silent.

Ramadan is ending...Oh noes....let's shut down our embassies.

When our ambassador in Libya was's just a video from a hateful christian that caused it.

In other news, Miley Cyrus thinks she has grown up. "At this point, what does it matter?" to quote our former SecState.

I need to go fishing.

UPDATE:  Child-In-Charge willing to throw tantrum in attempt to save face.  Adults around the world, soon to be laughing in open mockery.  Laugh till you cry folks.

In other news, FBI finds Detroit Officials are corrupt.  The Detroit FBI Office Corruption Task Force Has Job Security...For REALZ!  Look at the mugshots at the link.  Does Phillip Lockhart look like the cat that caught the canary or what?  Such a coy smile for the camera.  I guess he must be getting a 1 year misdemeanor charge instead of the 10 year felony charge.

UPDATE II: 11yr old to Obama---Bring it! (Truthiness not verified)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Overheard at the Festival

Old Man: Did you hear George Zimmerman's going to change his name now?

Gullible Man: Really?

Old Man:  Yeah.  He's changing it to Ben Ghazi.  Figures the government and media will forget all about him.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

This Was a Good Day

This day wasn't today. But it was a good day!
My daughter T, with one of seven she threw back that day.
The salmon aren't running yet.  Maybe in another month.  This year...they'll go into the smoker when I get home instead of the freezer.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Food Police - I've been notified.

Dinner was a make your own chef type salad tonight.

My middle daughter, T, speaks up.

T:"Dad.  You should be arrested."

Me: "Why's that?"

T: "You don't have any feta on your salad."

Elmore Leonard - RIP

Elmore Leonard has died.  In tribute I offer the title opening to Justified.

I've lived in both Lexington and Harlan Kentucky.  This series has a special place in my heart.

Gun Challenge Accepted

I've been challenged by MommaFargo to discuss John Lott Jr's book More Guns:Less Crime.

So I bought the book here.  It's $10.49 for the Kindle edition, and you don't need a Kindle to read it.  Momma Fargo's  questions are in black, (because black is slimming), my answers are in blue. (Cause I like that color :-P.)

M: Do you agree with the author's research?

Y: Short answer, yes. Longer answer: Studying the effects of legislation and measuring it against the intended purpose is always a "goodness thing."   It helps us learn about the unintended consequences of the laws we pass.  Can someone please take Mr. Lott's approach and apply it to the War on Poverty?

M: Do you agree with the author's studies?

Y: Short answer, yes. Longer answer: He used some outside studies for data trends to support his argument.  His own study uses the best available data from a countywide level.  This turns out to be the perfect data set for studying the statewide effect from  relaxing conceal carry permitting.  Counties that had the most restrictive permitting tended to have the highest crime rates.   A statewide "shall issue" law is passed, and by using the same countywide data set, we can track the crime rate statistics with a clear before/after point in time.  The data prior to the state wide law being passed is harder to correlate between counties because of the variances and discretion given to law enforcement in the issuing of permits.

M: Do you agree with the author's opinion on the economics of gun control?

Y: Yes.  Since I consider human life to be priceless,  the reduction in violent crime is more than worth the immediate rise in larceny and property crimes.  If you want to add in the peace of mind that being able to carry legally gives former victims of violent crime, the "cost" is even smaller.

M: Do you believe he has proven his theory with enough evidence to support it?

Y: Yes.  He even addresses Castle Doctrine / Stand your Ground laws in the 3rd edition.  He addresses every critique leveled against his first and second editions.  He has his facts down cold and his choices for inclusion/exclusion of data are well reasoned.  I admittedly read the book with a biased mind.  I think it is common sense that more law abiding people being armed makes for a safer place.

Things I Learned:

1) Substitution crime effect. Increase in petty crime with a relaxation of gun carry laws. Violent crimes are reduced, but larceny and property crimes increase.

2) Increased crime in Neighboring areas after a relaxation of gun carry laws. Criminals still do crime, but target an area that is perceived as soft. Similar to the substitution effect.

3) Rape had the sharpest reduction in rates after relaxing carry laws.  A note to all you Take Back the Night marchers - Let's work on a)Allowing 18 yr olds to carry.  They can vote, they can enlist, why not allow them to carry?  b) Ending Gun Free zones.  Don't let the campus be a criminals playground.
My favorite parts:

1) His critics misinterpret their own data, which actually confirms his thesis.

2) Catching his critic cherry picking Guns&Ammo sales data to reach a forgone conclusion.

3) Anecdotal stories about politicians and police chiefs changing their minds after the relaxed laws go into effect.  The prophecies about the OK Corral and blood baths in the street just never come true.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Family - It Can Hurt.

Family is the basic building block of society.

As the family goes, so does society.

Here's a review of a book by Nick Schultz, discussing this same axiom in economic terms. (HT Monty @ AceofSpadesHQ)

And if this song is true, my sister and mother really do love each other.

What are you doing to strengthen your family?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Smoking Chronicles #7

Went over to Dr. Don's house to smoke some chicken today.  We've been practicing on pork most of the summer.  Our last smoke fest using pork butts took over 8 hours in the smoker with another 4 hours in a crock pot.

Today was going to be a little shorter.  Just thighs and drumsticks with some salt and pepper.

Enough pepper?

Prepped and ready to go.
Birds are loaded. Prepare for ignition.
 Tin Foil hat securely in place, drip pan filled with water, the hickory is set off.

We have smoke. Confirm visual on smoke.

Temperatures looking good.

We pass the time looking at the clouds.

Hey Everybody, It's Supper Time!!
 Bite through skin on the chicken achieved!  There is much smacking of lips and rejoicing outside my den.  Even my oldest, who tells me she is not a meat person, says, "It's really good Dad."

Saturday, August 17, 2013

UnderCover Liberal - Tips For Keeping Your Cover #17

So you've mastered the art of small talk with your Liberal neighbors.  You've nodded your head.  Said "Oh, I see." and "How did that make you feel?" at the appropriate times.  Followed by ,"Oh my.  There should be a law."

In fact, you've done it so well, that they decide to drop by and invite themselves over for a cup of tea, a few games of Whist and some conversation about DownTUN Abby.  (I start to think of Abby Normal and Frau Blucher)

They come in the door and see your pile of catalogs that arrived for the fall shopping season.
Inline image 1

You'd think your cover to be completely blown, having such publications.  Don't worry! With a little pre-planning you can avert societal disaster.

1) Northern Tool & Equipment:  This one is the easiest to explain.  Liberals want to fix everything, and this catalog has tools for just about any job around the suburbanite's home.  If they show signs of disgust, that you might actually want to do something with your hands, quickly turn to the Alternative Energy section.  Tell them you're thinking of hiring someone to put up some solar panels, or a windmill.
Inline image 2

2) Natchez Shooter Supplies - This one is a close call, but you have President Obama and SecState Kerry in your corner for this one.  Talk about shooting trap at the club, or that you might consider "getting me a huntin' license" like John Kerry, WhoServedInVietnam(TM).
Be sure to earmark the automatic trap page for quick access.
Inline image 3

3) Cigars International - Hey! It's been documented that Bill Clinton used cigars.  No word on whether he actually smokes them. For this one,explain to your neighbor that after a hard day of smashing the patriarchy and redefining trans-normative archetypes, you like to relax and celebrate by cutting the tip off of a phallic symbol or our oppression and reducing it to ash for your own enjoyment.  Or you could go with Freud..Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Inline image 4

4) Brownells - This one has tools, but they're tools for guns.  This can't be left out for anyone to see or you're cooked.  You should hide between the mattresses at the earliest opportunity.  If caught in the open, deny, deny deny.  Your identity was stolen.  You have no idea how you could have ended up on the mailing list.  Claim you signed a petition to "stop gun violence" and the NRA must have taken the names from the organizers..etc.  Be creative. 
Inline image 5
Hopefully with these handy tips you can keep your cover deep in blue country, and remember "Never Let 'Em See You Think(TM)."

Political Identity

Gotta tell you about the formation of my political identity.(Lordy, that sounds metrosexual, and way too personal.)

I grew up in an apolitical bubble.  Dinner conversation usually involved some medical case with graphic and descriptive language.  I think my Dad always tried to make us gag.  Politics--never talked about.  Doing what was morally right, listening to your conscience was a more typical conversation.

Went away to college at the University of Michigan. During Freshmen Orientation --(should be called Political Correctness 101)-- they did this little demonstration.  Students in the group were asked if they had ever felt the effects of discrimination.  Were you female?  Step over here.  Did you wear corrective lenses? Step over here.  Were you this or that? Step over here.

There was a whole litany of victim groups.  I was the only one left that hadn't crossed the line.  "Well gee, Yuri.  You're the only one left over there.  How does it feel?" asks our PC Guide.

I crossed my arms.  "Just fine." I answered. What I felt was anger, but I didn't know why. The guide then launched into a little speech about diversity and sensitivity and how the white christian man is the root of all evil in the world. Well not quite.  I'm paraphrasing to save time.

I couldn't believe that these freshmen, having gained admittance to a top 10 university in THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA, would dare to consider themselves a VICTIM!  What a bunch of effing pussies.  They just stood their nodding their heads at the "wise words" being indoctrinated into their skulls.

I'm a conservative. I believe human life is sacred.

I take responsibility for my actions.  I expect every one else to do the same with theirs.

Your feelings are your own. No one else can "make you" feel a certain way, that is your choice.

I'm confident enough in my masculinity to cry at a movie or while reading a Momma Fargo story. :-p.

I believe that a constitutionally limited republic is best.

Having sympathy for suffering doesn't make one a liberal.  Having a desire to use government to relieve that suffering does.

Are we clear?

I don't Book the Face, or Plus the Google Circle...but if you want to really hash out some politics my sister will take you on. Tanya F Yarbrough.

UnderCover Liberal

I've been away from blogging for about three years.  Seemed to not have time.  Never stopped reading others blogs.  Found myself commenting on MommaFargo's blog quite a bit, asking some fair but tough questions about police policies and training.  Be sure to check out her blog and buy her books for some extra stories.

During a discussion on police and civilian interactions, MommaFargo referred to me by saying, "Yuri may be a liberal, but he's a good egg." first name is actually Yuri.  The RussianBear name is a nickname from my wrestling days.  No not the real Russian Bear, just a poor facsimile.  Mr. Koloff, if you do not like me using your picture, send me a note and I will remove.

I think MommaFargo has since deleted the comment.  It's okay, I'm not offended at all.  It did make me laugh.  I told her I'm not a real Liberal, just and UnderCover one, but my cover has been blown.

She now refers to me as Fargo's Brilliant One.