Monday, December 1, 2014

Phone Companies.....

The end of the year is coming up, time to re-budget and re-evaluate the day to day expenses.  
First up...internet service bundled with phone.
With all the gamers and streamers in the house, we need a fairly fast connection.  My current bundled provider is not quite cutting it during peak usage.  Comcast is offering decent pricing for 50mps service over a 1 yr contract.
It is tempting me to order just the internet service, and get a landline again.

So I chatted with AT&T.

AT&T sales representatives are happy to assist you with your questions.

AT&T sales representatives will not have access to your personal account. This service is provided to you under AT&Ts Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. 
You are now chatting with Veda, an AT&T sales representative.
Veda: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support.  How may I help you with placing your order today?
RussianBear: Need to determine total cost per month for At&T unlimited Nationwide Calling One plan.
RussianBear: Inclusive of taxes/surcharges etc.
RussianBear: Service would be from XXXXXXX.
Veda: Are you a current customer, we no longer offer that plan.
Veda: Although all our plans come with unlimited talk and text and an option of a data package starting from $20.00 on up.
RussianBear: It is offered on the site.
RussianBear: I'm looking for traditional phone service.
Veda: Trying to load the site.
RussianBear: Are you using At&T internet service?
Veda: Ok thanks for the link. That is with another department. I can tranfer you to them now if you like.
RussianBear: Ok

Please wait while I transfer you to an operator at AT&T Wireline.
You are now chatting with 'Jhino C.' at AT&T Wireline.
Jhino C.: Hello!  How may I assist you today?
RussianBear: Need to determine total cost per month for At&T unlimited Nationwide Calling One plan. Inclusive of taxes/surcharges etc. Service would be from XXXXXX.
Jhino C.: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
Jhino C.: Hi, RussianBear!
RussianBear: Hello
Jhino C.: Let me go ahead and double check that information for you.
RussianBear: ok.
Jhino C.: Hi RussianBear! By the way, do you have an existing service with AT&T?
RussianBear: No.
Jhino C.: At&T unlimited Nationwide Calling One plan is $25 per month before taxes.
RussianBear: What are the taxes, fees, surcharges, universal service charges and other charges including a monthly Carrier Cost Recovery Fee, for service in XXXXXX?
Jhino C.: Because taxes and surcharges vary by location and are regulated by your city, county, municipality, and state, I'm unable to provide you with an exact amount.   However, a safe estimate would be an additional 10% to 15% of your monthly charges.
RussianBear: The location would be XXXXXX..
RussianBear: Surely billing would know what to charge, yes?
Jhino C.: I'm unable to provide you the exact taxes and surcharges RussianBear. You can contact our Business office department.
Jhino C.: To better assist you, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-288-2020.  They are open M-F, 8:00am to 5:00pm local time. On Saturday this office will be closed.
RussianBear: Thank you.
Jhino C.: You're most welcome, RussianBear!

Called the 800 number and spoke with Angela from Springfield.  She could not give me a number either.  She said they are not allowed to quote the price because it could change at any moment. (since the fees/taxes/surcharges are dependent on the actions of four layers of government. Fed, State, County, and City.)

Seriously AT&T, I'm not buying a car.  It's phone service. Can you tell me what the bill will be each month?