Friday, March 6, 2015

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Without A Voice

1) Republicans complained that they only had one of the three levers of power in Washington.

2) They won a a majority in both the House and Senate last November.

3) They have the numbers, but not the will to lead. A minority of the majority party voted with the entirety of the minority party to fund DHS.

Michigan has fourteen Representatives in the House.

Nine of those fourteen are Republican.

Six of those nine voted to fund "Amnesty."

  • Dan Benishek, District 1, 202-225-4735
  • Mike Bishop, District 8, 202-225-4872
  • Candice Miller, District 10, 202-225-2106
  • John Moolenar, District 4, 202-225-3561
  • Dave Trott, District 11, 202-225-8171
  • Fred Upton, District 6, 202-225-3761

I voted for one of these.

I would like to remove the candidate I helped put into office as failure should have consequences, unfortunately there is no recall mechanism to remove a member of Congress.

I am left without a voice.