Saturday, August 17, 2013

Political Identity

Gotta tell you about the formation of my political identity.(Lordy, that sounds metrosexual, and way too personal.)

I grew up in an apolitical bubble.  Dinner conversation usually involved some medical case with graphic and descriptive language.  I think my Dad always tried to make us gag.  Politics--never talked about.  Doing what was morally right, listening to your conscience was a more typical conversation.

Went away to college at the University of Michigan. During Freshmen Orientation --(should be called Political Correctness 101)-- they did this little demonstration.  Students in the group were asked if they had ever felt the effects of discrimination.  Were you female?  Step over here.  Did you wear corrective lenses? Step over here.  Were you this or that? Step over here.

There was a whole litany of victim groups.  I was the only one left that hadn't crossed the line.  "Well gee, Yuri.  You're the only one left over there.  How does it feel?" asks our PC Guide.

I crossed my arms.  "Just fine." I answered. What I felt was anger, but I didn't know why. The guide then launched into a little speech about diversity and sensitivity and how the white christian man is the root of all evil in the world. Well not quite.  I'm paraphrasing to save time.

I couldn't believe that these freshmen, having gained admittance to a top 10 university in THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA, would dare to consider themselves a VICTIM!  What a bunch of effing pussies.  They just stood their nodding their heads at the "wise words" being indoctrinated into their skulls.

I'm a conservative. I believe human life is sacred.

I take responsibility for my actions.  I expect every one else to do the same with theirs.

Your feelings are your own. No one else can "make you" feel a certain way, that is your choice.

I'm confident enough in my masculinity to cry at a movie or while reading a Momma Fargo story. :-p.

I believe that a constitutionally limited republic is best.

Having sympathy for suffering doesn't make one a liberal.  Having a desire to use government to relieve that suffering does.

Are we clear?

I don't Book the Face, or Plus the Google Circle...but if you want to really hash out some politics my sister will take you on. Tanya F Yarbrough.


  1. I loved this when you sent it to me. So speaks you. It's bold and robust and so American. Much bravo sent your way!

  2. You are so luck black coffee is what I was trying to say, I guess. LMAO

    1. father-in-law to be asked me how I liked my coffee. I said, "Like my women, hot, black and bitter." We got along great.

    2. Ha! Bitter coffee and women! Only you.