Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thoughts on Syria

The following is rambling and disjointed.  You've been warned.

Our Nobel Peace Prize winning President is impatient to act against Syria.  That's a summary of the news I heard driving to work this morning.  We have our Navy ready to strike, and the Commander in Chief is impatient waiting for Congress to act.

Why?  Osama Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.  Surely this little disagreement in Syria is no cause for alarm.

Oh...Chemical weapons you say?  Is that a reason to go to war?  I remember a certain president making that same case.  And he wasn't named Bush.

William J Clinton bombed Sudan.  I guess Barry Soetoro can bomb Syria without Congressional approval.  I'm sure the watchdog media will hold him accountable.

Okay...enough sarcasm.

I understand that with Saddam and Iraq, the United States had a moral culpability for his actions.  We helped put the guy in charge, he was a bad actor.  We gave him an ultimatum, he declined to go peacefully; we changed his regime.

Captain Tightpants had this post last November.

"To be there, knowing that the world and rules you had lived by were being swept away, and unable to do much more than watch and hope to tread water through it all. To be faced daily with more and more changes, and wondering when the storm would end."
We do have a national interest in what happens in Syria with respect to the defense of Israel and preventing a safe haven for terrorists.  So what is our strategy?  Install another Saddam type leader?

Right now the US has very little credibility and we are deemed weak.  Our CIC doesn't really care about the rules.  And that is scary.

I just finished reading this book.  With Iran using Syria as a proxy, what are the chances of  the Iranians using an EMP to keep us out of it?  Does Iran have the capability? I don't doubt they have the will.

We are in a Holy War, but our side refuses to call it that.

Christians are being martyred in Egypt, and our media is silent.

Ramadan is ending...Oh noes....let's shut down our embassies.

When our ambassador in Libya was's just a video from a hateful christian that caused it.

In other news, Miley Cyrus thinks she has grown up. "At this point, what does it matter?" to quote our former SecState.

I need to go fishing.

UPDATE:  Child-In-Charge willing to throw tantrum in attempt to save face.  Adults around the world, soon to be laughing in open mockery.  Laugh till you cry folks.

In other news, FBI finds Detroit Officials are corrupt.  The Detroit FBI Office Corruption Task Force Has Job Security...For REALZ!  Look at the mugshots at the link.  Does Phillip Lockhart look like the cat that caught the canary or what?  Such a coy smile for the camera.  I guess he must be getting a 1 year misdemeanor charge instead of the 10 year felony charge.

UPDATE II: 11yr old to Obama---Bring it! (Truthiness not verified)

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  1. Great post! I like disjointed. It's exactly what I feel about our country's state right now. Oy. And the war in Syria...don't get me started.