Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Smoking Chronicles #7

Went over to Dr. Don's house to smoke some chicken today.  We've been practicing on pork most of the summer.  Our last smoke fest using pork butts took over 8 hours in the smoker with another 4 hours in a crock pot.

Today was going to be a little shorter.  Just thighs and drumsticks with some salt and pepper.

Enough pepper?

Prepped and ready to go.
Birds are loaded. Prepare for ignition.
 Tin Foil hat securely in place, drip pan filled with water, the hickory is set off.

We have smoke. Confirm visual on smoke.

Temperatures looking good.

We pass the time looking at the clouds.

Hey Everybody, It's Supper Time!!
 Bite through skin on the chicken achieved!  There is much smacking of lips and rejoicing outside my den.  Even my oldest, who tells me she is not a meat person, says, "It's really good Dad."

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  1. That is not fair. Oy oy. Looks wonderful. Tin foil hats are great for a lot of things. I think you found the best use!